Robert Downey Jr as Lestat?

Universal looking for a new Vampire Chronicles pic

Could Robert Downey Jr be following up turns as Sherlock Holmes and Tony Stark with a little fang action?

According to the lads at Bloody Disgusting who got a bead on some info, it looks like the Iron Man star is seriously considering the role of the vampire Lestat.

Universal, it seems, has noticed the fact that the toothy brooders are fairly popular with audiences these days, and is now looking to restart adaptations of Anne Rice's The Vampire Chronicles.

The iconic Lestat has been played twice on screen so far - by Tom Cruise in 1994's Interview With The Vampire (below) and less successfully by Stuart Townsend in 2002's Queen Of The Damned.

There's nothing yet on which of Rice's books will be plucked to get Lestat back, or whether Downey J r will finally sign on.

But he's certainly an intriguing choice for a fang pack member...

[Source: Bloody Disgusting]

Downey Jr as Lestat! Like the idea? Hate it? Get your teeth into the debate...


    • ashley.russell

      Aug 17th 2009, 17:58

      thats a horrible choice. I love RDJ and I've read, The Vampire Lestat, which is a great book and I couldn't think of anyone worse. Samuel L Jackson would be a better choice.

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    • MadMatt

      Aug 18th 2009, 0:13

      They'll have to do a serious rewrite to take account of his age - isn't Lestat supposed to be in his twenties? - or wheel out the Benjamin Button boffins.

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    • flaviajurca

      Mar 26th 2014, 15:07

      In the books, Lestat is described as tall, lithe, strong, blond and leonine. I can totally see Lee Pace or Tom Mison as Lestat. I would also think of Chris Hemsworth, looks-wise, but this part might be too much for him, especially since acting is not his priority anymore.

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