Robert Downey Jr. takes on Perry Mason

He's not just watching the detectives

Has Robert Downey Jr. got the detecting bug? 
First he pulls off an impressive turn as Sherlock Holmes (“upending the character’s long-standing stuffiness with contemporary verve while nailing the eccentric bent of Arthur Conan Doyle’s great British detective”). Now he fancies his chances as Perry Mason! 
According to a report in Variety, a Perry Mason film would take place in the 1930s and be set in the “rough and tumble world” of early Los Angeles. 
Downey Jr. and executive producer David Gambino came up with the film's plot between them but will hire a writer to script it. 
The fictional defence attorney first appeared in a 1933 novel by Erle Stanley Gardner but has since gone on to feature in radio plays, films and a TV series.  
Gardner produced 82 Perry Mason novels overall, as well as other short stories. Did someone say sequels? 

What next for Downey Jr.? A bad perm in a big screen version of Jonathan Creek? Doing a Tootsie in Miss Marple? Wondering about “just one more thing” in Columbo? Tell us which role you want him to find next! 


    • Bubba76

      Oct 5th 2011, 22:29

      Wasn't Perry Mason the guy in the wheelchair?

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    • Hadouken76

      Oct 5th 2011, 22:46

      That was Ironside, I think a Perry Mason set in the 30s sounds like a good idea, Ive always been partial to Nero Wolfe though, the guy has good taste!

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    • shasmo

      Oct 5th 2011, 22:58

      perry mason and ironside were both played by the same actor bubba id love to see him have a go at colombo if not him george clooney i also think michael fassbender would be ace as hastings if they ever made another poirot film

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    • KingofSpain

      Oct 6th 2011, 10:13

      So long as they keep the awesome theme tune - count me in! BTW, Raymond Burr played both Ironside and Perry Mason, two of tv's most iconic detectives. He also excellently played the "villain" in Hitchcock's Rear Window. He was hardly in it, said hardly anything, and was mostly seen from a great distance, yet still conveyed a great darkness.

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    • KingofSpain

      Oct 6th 2011, 10:16

      EDIT - two of tv's most iconic seekers of justice! LOL

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    • FBGDeGraphenr

      Oct 6th 2011, 17:58

      The fact they're doing an a Perry Mason movie is awesome but I hope they aren’t planning on just doing an America in the 30s version of the sherlock holmes movies. Where it's basically about action and wise cracks. It'd be much more interesting to create a more atmospheric dark film.

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    • FBMOberon

      Oct 6th 2011, 20:19

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