Robert Rodriguez is officially remaking Predator

It’ll be called Predators...

It’s been rumoured since January, but now it’s official. Robert Rodriguez is remaking Predator, which is part of a slate that could well be the busiest in Hollywood.

"I'm going to be able to shoot my upcoming Machete here, a sci-fi action film called Nerveracker, a reboot of the Predator series called Predators, and a couple of smaller movies called Sin City 2 and The Jetsons," Rodriguez said at a recent press conference.

Which is a lot of good news to take in at once, so we’ll break it down.

He will make the movie of his Danny Triejlo starring Grindhouse trailer, he hasn’t started on Nerveracker yet (despite its 2010 release date), he’s still attached to Sin City 2, and he will make what will probably be an insanely fun version of the Jetsons.

But, most importantly to us, the Predators are coming back – and this time they’re not being shoehorned into someone else’s franchise (even if they are copying Aliens a bit for the title). Yes!

[Source: IESB]

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    • rorschach

      Apr 24th 2009, 15:08

      I might be exited..if this f*****g hack wasnt at the helm

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    • TroubleMaker

      Apr 24th 2009, 15:40

      Been waiting for SC2 for years. But please Robert, i love your movies, but leave Predator the f**k ALONE

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    • NickyC

      Apr 24th 2009, 16:31

      Jetsons will be for kids a'la Spy Kids, I guarantee it. So, yes, funny but only if you're a kid.

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    • mky1138

      Apr 24th 2009, 16:36

      rorschach I don't think you understand the term "hack" it's someone who takes a job just for money and has no real interest in it. Say what you want about Rodriguez but that really doesn't apply.

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    • ThrashGordon

      Apr 24th 2009, 17:49


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    • requiem2009

      Apr 24th 2009, 17:49

      It won't be same without Arnie!

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    • Desperation

      Apr 24th 2009, 19:46

      Maybe i'm being dense here, but i'm not quite with you. Is he actually remaking the original film, or simply making a new film in the Predator franchise? If it's the former, then it's BAD BAD BAD. If it's the latter, then i'm okay with it. I think someone as bats**t insane as RR has potntial to do an interesting job on this.

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    • RobbyRichmond

      Apr 24th 2009, 21:55

      its strange to think that this film franchise is 22 years old. Its also strange to think that in the space of 3 years John McTeirnan directed Predator, Die Hard and the Hunt for Red Oktober. I agree with Thrash Gordon that this is a film that doesn't need remaking. If they want to expand the universe great, but do it properly! I'm currently studying media at my local collage and am 10 years older than most of the students. conversations about movies range from Pirates of the Caribbean (sp?) to Armageddon. As a exercise I talked my tutor into asking what everyone else's top 5 were. The majority of the films selected of the 16 students were from the last 10 or 12 years.. When i asked if any of them liked, jaws, star wars, alien, the godfather, goodfellas, (pretty standard faves of most folks) most of them told me they'd not seen them... this frightened me greatly as you can imagine. the crux of my bland diatribe is this, I've realised that the majority of young people just can't be arsed to watch what we, you and I who read TF regularly and all share a passion for movies, love. The studios, somehow know this. Of course Hollywood has run out of ideas, we all know this, its no secret, that's why the top directors like Spielberg, Scorsesse, Cameron etc. etc. don't make films as often as they did. The scripts aren't there... They're just not... The likelihood of a director making 3 great movies like McTeirnen did back in the late 80s is virtually nil. So we have to contend with remake after remake, and just like the new star wars movie prequels 10 years ago they aren't really being made for you and me, they're being made for a lazy audience who cant find the inspiration in movies that we did as youngsters. and the studios hope that curiosity will kill the cat for the rest of us... Rodriguez, well I actually doubt he will direct this movie, but he will stay attached for a while to keep the pre production going... the script has to kill, I mean , commit murders to sustain fanboys interest... If that joey that has been ruining the majority of the FOX comic book movies is involved (you know the guy, the doughnut who p****d and moaned over the watchmen rights, I want to say tom Wakeman, rickman, something like that...) it will be sanitised and demographically b*****dized into a cheese-fest...

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    • ubcool

      Apr 25th 2009, 1:44

      didnt he right a predator 3 script years ago invloving danny glover and arnie going to a planet? i hope it isnt something as dumb as that because i love predator, and Robert Rodriguez but i dont want it turned into one of his exploitation spoofs.

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    • avoidz

      Apr 25th 2009, 6:39

      What RobbyRichmond said. It's weird to think there are moviegoers now who have not seen all those great/bad movies from the 1970s and 1980s.

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    • gylbert

      Apr 25th 2009, 9:50

      I love the Predator movie, along with T1 and T2, it's arguably Arnie's finest work. I agree that it doesn't need remade but a "reimagining" for the 14-18 year old demographic is likely for a lot of great movies as the 80's revival goes from strength to strength. My concerns lie with how true to the original RR will be. Predator is one of the most quotable movies of it's kind and some of the dialogue is hilarious. It was also made at a time when a lot of films weren't afraid of an 18 certificate. I can't think of anyone currently in the business who can deliver a line like "stick around" after pinning some chump to a wall with a knife throw, in the middle of a wild gunfight with as much gusto and comic delivery as Arnold. So RR's film needs a decent amount of violence and gore, some deliberately cheesy dialogue and a decent action star. If he can't include these factors, he should carry on making self-indulgent films and kiddie movies and leave Predator well alone.

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    • gazw24

      Apr 25th 2009, 12:16

      I love the predator movies, and by that I mean one and two, not all this alien versus predator tripe. It sounds to me that it is going through what most major franchises are destined for. Start off fantastic followed by a decent sequel. Then spawn a few more c**p sequels until the franchise is tottaly burnt out. Then the hollywood big wigs bring in someone to "remake" or "reboot" the original, and it all starts again. See Batman, Superman, A Nightmare on elm street and friday 13th to name but a few. But its RR, so I'll be watching if it does get made.

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    • ashley.russell

      Apr 25th 2009, 19:27

      this is ridiculous, it must be some kind of joke. If some idiot does this to Alien I will cry.

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    • koolerking

      Apr 28th 2009, 2:44

      The problem is now we're all in a recession the studios aren't going to risk money on something that hasn't been done before. They are just going to bet on the easy stuff like Terminator, Predator, etc, etc. The stuff that already has a following of whatever kind. Its a pity they don't have any vision so this is the reason why we'll get a c**py RR remake/boot/whatever of a decent 80's film.

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    • melody4love

      Apr 29th 2009, 5:14

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    • chicks

      Apr 30th 2009, 16:34

      @ubcool I think he references it in one of his books. It started on a Spanish Galleon in the 19th century, with a bunch of Predators blowing it to tiny pieces.

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