Robert Rodriguez producing Predator 3?

Sequel? Reboot? Re-imagining? Bob goes forth...

Tag this with a big rumour sticker for now, but online chatter suggests that Robert Rodriguez has signed up to make a new movie in the Predator franchise.

A 'reliable source' dropped Bloody Disgusting a line, revealing that Rodriguez is producing a Predator reboot for 20th Century Fox through his company Troublemaker Studios.

There's no word on a director or script, but a pitch doing the rounds in Hollywood implies there would be more than one Predator. ("In the reboot a team of commandoes face down a mysterious race of vicious monsters.")

However legit the rumour, Rodriguez does have history with the franchise.

Back when he was a eager youngling waiting to put Desperado into production, Rodriguez wrote a spec script for Predator 3, beginning on an 18th century Galleon attacked by Predators.

Sounds better than AvP, at any rate...

So is Rodriguez the man to bring back Predator? If not, who is?


    • sleepwalker

      Jan 29th 2009, 13:16

      Answer: Rodriguez is indeed the man to bring back the Predator. This is exciting news, I had no idea another one was being considered. The galleon idea is enough to make me dribble. It is still 2 months till April Fools isnt it.

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    • NickyC

      Jan 29th 2009, 13:52

      Why does it have to be a 'Reboot'? Seriously, why? Why can't it just be 'another Predator story'? Why can't there be more imagination? Why more commandoes? Why go back to 'the beginning', yet again, with a franchise that does not NEED to begin again?

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    • ThrashGordon

      Jan 29th 2009, 15:44

      I still say have Arnie back in it, you know, he can be the crazy old guy who no-one believes at the start of the film. Oh no wait! He can be the very elderly dad of one of the new marines... and thinks something similar is up, grabs him and starts shouting about 'It killed everyone, the ugly mother******!' 'Billy!' 'Get to the choppa!!' 'If it bleeds we can kill it'... then goes all vacant eyed, at this point the son leaves the room in very uncomfortable eerie silence... Excellent.

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    • Ray Peterson

      Jan 30th 2009, 11:08

      Maybe. But it has to be down-the-line, no irony, full on action. One-liners are fine, sly winks to the audience in the "we know this is all a bit silly" vein, are not.

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    • missizzard

      Jan 30th 2009, 13:46

      If this is all true, it makes me want to cry with joy. PLEASE don't let it have a cast of stupid, tanned, libidinous American teenagers (as so many re-makes/re-boots do). We need real actors, and a proper, back to basics story line. We must trust in the Rodriguez...

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    • Pyramidhair

      Jan 30th 2009, 13:59

      He really could be the guy for this. Also, Predator really could be the movie to put HIM back on track. After the brilliance of his early career I reallyu think it's time RR got his tongue out of his cheek. Don't get me wrong I LOVED Planet Terror, but that was schlock that wouldn't work here. Something nice and gritty, with tense action, good scares, he's got all that in him and I'd love him to get this down. Go Roberto. ps No Arnie cameo, no sucky winks to camera, no teens. Predator 3 needs to thrill like the other 2 did.

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