Robert Zemeckis could return to live-action directing for Flight

And Denzel Washington might star

Robert Zemeckis could return to live-action directing for Flight, which is based on a script by Real Steel's John Gatins.

The story is said to focus on an airline pilot who is hailed as a hero after a successful crash-landing, even though the entire mishap was the result of his flying under the influence of drink and drugs.

While Zemeckis would likely be up for an SFX-extravaganza plane-crash, the majority of the movie will focus on the pilot's guilt, and the subsequent cover-up that takes place.

Denzel Washington is very loosely attached to the lead role.

Zemeckis has been working exclusively in the medium of motion-capture since 2004's The Polar Express, but he's been looking for a new project since Disney dumped his Yellow Submarine remake.

His last live-action film was Cast Away, which shares a plane-crash inspired premise with Flight. Mars Needs Moms, a mocap movie produced by Zemeckis, recently performed abysmally at the box office.

According to Deadline's report, Zemeckis is considering a number of projects at the moment, and while there's no guarantee that he'll sign on for Flight, there is the possibility that the film could enter production this summer.

Would you be happy to see Zemeckis filming real live actors again? Or do you think motion-capture is the way of the future? Comment now!


    • BonesUk1980

      Apr 21st 2011, 14:54

      WHY. Oh its because his mocap adventures are going from turgid to f*****g awful...

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    • SamaElPrime

      Apr 21st 2011, 17:26

      A return to Live Action could be a clever move indeed, he makes excellent live action movies! Better than his animation/motion capture ones

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