Robocop reboot to be scripted by Josh Zetumer

Redo edging into pre-production


Robocop got a director earlier last week in the form of Elite Squad helmer Jose Padilha. Now it’s just gotten itself a writer.

And you’ve probably never even heard of him. Despite that, scribe Josh Zetumer has worked behind the scenes on a number of unproduced scripts.

Among those are a fourth Bourne film, a draft of Dune, and a Black List script entitled Infiltrator. He also did a little work on The Darkest Hour.

Now Zetumer’s signed on to bring a new version of Robocop to the screen, but considering none of us really even know who he is, it’s hard to tell what kind of direction he’ll take the new movie in.

With Padilha behind the camera, though, we’re all-but guaranteed a gritty, street-level approach to the visuals. Let’s hope that approach carries through to the plot.

Think this reboot's a waste of time? Wish Aronofsky was still directing it? Chuck us your thoughts below...


    • higgins78

      Mar 11th 2011, 11:54

      Even as a massive fan of the original I'm not against a remake, could in fact be "better" than the original, nothings impossible. What I will say however is why keep remaking great films rather than ones which just missed the mark and deserve a second chance? As far as the Robocop it be a Predators debacle.

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    • MadMatt

      Mar 11th 2011, 13:52

      @higgins78 Hush your mouth, fool! A remake could be good. Could even be great (unlikely). But there's no way on Earth it will be BETTER than the original. It's a masterpiece; simultaneously a biting satire and thrilling action movie, with a moving emotional core... how often do we see a film like that? I would be much happier with this is they would simply add a subtitle or have a different plot based around the same concept. If it's the same story with shinier effects and shakier camerawork, I have zero interest. But sadly, the morons keep paying to see films they could already stay at home and see cheaply on rental DVDs or for free on TV, so we'll keep getting these cash-in remakes and reboots. We have the power to stop these things happening, and it's simply achieved: stop giving them our money! As soon as they're unprofitable and audiences send the message that they tired of rehashes of the same old brands, they'll stop making them.

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    • murphy

      Jul 15th 2011, 14:14

      you're spot on there MadMatt and higgins78 i can't believe you said it could be better than the original! you numpty the original is a classic and no remake could ever top it,people sn****r when i say it's one of my favourite films of all time but i don't give a f**k! to me it was verhovens masterpiece and one film i never tire of watching i've even watched it twice in a row when i got the special edition with the original cut and the directors cut i watched both versions back to back to see what the difference was.

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