Ron Howard will direct Spy Vs Spy adaptation

Dark Tower still on the cards

spy vs spy

Director Ron Howard has signed on to adapt black-and-white comic strip Spy Vs Spy for the big screen.

The comic strip first debuted in Mad Magazine #60, and starred two spies – one dressed in black, the other in white – who are locked in an explosive game of one-upmanship.

Since then, Spy Vs Spy has been an animated TV show and a video game. The film adaptation is being set up at Warner Bros, with Ghost Town scribe John Kamps writing the script.

Deadline is calling the film a “highly visual action comedy”, which would make sense considering the original comic revolved around booby traps and various spy games.

For those worried, Howard’s involvement in the film shouldn’t affect his work on the mammoth Dark Tower adaptation, which is being viewed as something that he’ll take up further down the line.

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