Rourke says he’s not doing Iron Man 2 now

The Mickey-go-round casting news continues

It’s tough to track what’s going on with Iron Man 2, as cash flow issues seem to be playing havoc with casting. The latest issue? Mickey Rourke

First, he was in, playing a villain. Then Robert Downey Jr said he hadn’t been confirmed.

Now, according to the man himself, Rourke and Marvel might be at an impasse over money.

"Right now, we're not doing Iron Man 2," Rourke tells New York Magazine – the “we” being he and his agent, David Unger.

While this doesn’t mean Rourke won’t be showing up to the sequel’s set (it sounds like a negotiating tactic), you’ve got to wonder whether Marvel is waiting to see if he wins an Oscar on Sunday before they make their final decision.

Okay, maybe not – but they certainly seem to be dragging their feet. Maybe another gold gong will convince them...

[Source: New York Magazine]

Do you want to see Mickey Rourke join the cast? Is he worth a hefty payday, post-Wrestler?


    • thedarkknight

      Feb 19th 2009, 8:40

      If Rourke wins on Sunday he will probably add another "0" onto his paycheck. Not worth it in my opinion.

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    • evs75

      Feb 19th 2009, 10:46

      As good as Iron Man was, I think I'd rather see the Rourke doing something with a little more substance and not playing a token villain...Stormbreaker anyone!!

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    • mattburgess

      Feb 19th 2009, 11:25

      Micky Rourke makes one good film, and all of a sudden he's hot sh*t? Jon Favreau should find someone else. Oscars are the biggest waste of time, they don't mean anything.

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    • ashley.russell

      Feb 19th 2009, 12:31

      Rourke could definitely add depth to a villain. If they just want a simple 2 dimensional character then they're better off looking for someone else, I reckon.

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