Rumour: Armie Hammer top choice for Justice League's Batman

The Social Network actor is apparently favourite... again

Armie Hammer is once again being tipped to play Batman, in Warner Bros’ ambitious DC Comics team-up, Justice League.

We say again, because you’ll probably remember that Hammer was cast as Batman in Justice League during an earlier iteration of the project, which had George Miller (Mad Max, Happy Feet) down to direct before it fell apart.

Well, it seems he might get to don the cape and cowl after all, with Moviehole claiming ‘a very good source’ has word that Hammer’s top of WB’s Bruce Wayne wishlist.

At 26 years old, Hammer would be the youngest actor to portray Batman, as long as the film gets going within the next five years (Bale is the current youngest, aged 31 when Batman Begins was released).

Hammer certainly has the physique, jawline and prep-school prance to essay Wayne and his alter ego, but his CV lacks any evidence that he could handle the darkness and grit we’ve come to expect from DC’s troubled orphan.

Then again, as the JL Batman will need to buddy up with Superman, Wonder Woman and more, perhaps the studio are after a more ‘sociable’ Bats.

Hammer’s next significant role is playing the title character in The Lone Ranger, which opens in the UK on 9 August 2013.

Justice League currently lacks a release date. And director. And cast. It does have a writer though...

Would Hammer be on your Batman wishlist? Or is one iconic hero enough for any actor? Comment now!


    • toadman005

      Oct 9th 2012, 17:07

      Hmmn, yeah how about BALE as Batman, Reynolds as Green Lantern and Cavill for Superman? MARVEL LAID OUT THE BLUEPRINT! Do. not. deviate.

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    • victororozco

      Oct 9th 2012, 17:22

      Do not deviate. Okay, does Banner look different than he did in The Avengers compared to The Incredible Hulk?

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    • Hadouken76

      Oct 9th 2012, 17:31

      Can't wait to see the poor schmuck who gets to play Aquaman lol

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    • FBALeal

      Oct 9th 2012, 17:51

      He may be a good actor or not, I can't really say either way, but I do believe it would be nice for Armie Hammer to grow his first facial hair before playing the Batman. He's too young! The Dark Knight requires a more mature and experienced presence on screen. I nominate Wes Bently.

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    • CaptainCrazy

      Oct 9th 2012, 17:54

      So they didn't listen to me. Hammer is one of those actors who will alienate the male demographic with that McConaughey Factor. Go with Wentworth Miller if BAle isn't coming back.

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    • FBALeal

      Oct 9th 2012, 18:08

      What McConaughey Factor?

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    • SiMan

      Oct 9th 2012, 18:30

      I guess the Lone Ranger will give us a better idea of how well he can carry a film - if that is a flop though wonder if will still be the favourite

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    • CaptainCrazy

      Oct 9th 2012, 18:39

      McConaughey Factor - you know he is good but every man in that audience just hates his guts for being so smug and good-looking. Hey, I don't make the rules...

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    • JonPaul13

      Oct 9th 2012, 19:03

      Am I the only one who thinks The Justice League movie is such a bad idea?! I mean with The Dark Knight trilogy not even cold and Man of Steel not even out yet recasting Batman and possibly Superman is the WORST idea ever. Whoever's behind these films clearly doesn't care about the source material but just the money they can make capitalising on the Avengers success? The Justice League deserves to be done well, not rushed into production for money's sake. It has 3 of the most famous and recognisable superheroes in popular culture today, something like that shouldn't be rushed and could kill the potential of a decent Justice League movie in the future?

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    • Ali1748

      Oct 9th 2012, 19:36

      Bale wouldn't play Bat/Wayne again unless Nolan was directing. I hope this movie bombs badly, WB deserve it with the way they're approaching JLA and the future of Batman.

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    • StevePotter

      Oct 9th 2012, 22:48

      I can see it. Karl Urban would be better, but he's already playing Dredd so I guess that wouldn't work.

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    • Doyle

      Oct 10th 2012, 15:21

      Hey wholemkt13 when you say you accept any form of payment would a peice of paper do if I draw the queens head on it and write f**k you for £50?

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