Rumour: Harrison Ford in talks for new Blade Runner movie?

According to a new report he is…

This news story comes with a hefty rumour warning attached, but according to a report by Twitch, Harrison Ford is in early talks to star in Ridley Scott’s new Blade Runner movie.

The report doesn’t name any sources or offer any verifiable evidence, but here’s what they had to say:

Twitch has learned that Harrison Ford has entered into early talks to join the new Blade Runner. While this is still very early stages and it is quite possible that things won't work out the obvious implication is that what we are looking at is not a reboot but a direct sequel to the original.”

It’s hard to imagine Ford returning to the Blade Runner universe, even if Scott is at the helm. And that quote does sound awfully non-committal.

That said, it’s hard to think of anything that could get hardcore sci-fi fans more excited than the reunion of this pair, so it’s not surprising that this story has spread round like the internet like digital wild-fire.

And it is in keeping with Scott’s previous assertion that the film is “liable to be a sequel.”

If Ford was involved, would you expect him to reprise his role in a straightforward sequel set-up? Or do you think Deckard’s replicant status will be confirmed with a digital cameo in the same vein as Arnie’s in Terminator Salvation?

Expect Sir Ridley to be avalanched with questions about the new Blade Runner film when he gears up for promotional duties on Alien-sibling Prometheus.

Prometheus opens on 1 June 2012.

Can there be any truth to this rumour? Or is it merely wishful thinking? Your thoughts please…


    • douchebag1

      Feb 6th 2012, 19:10

      It would be exciting. But wouldn't it kind of ruin the ambiguity in the first that Deckard was a replicant?

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    • Ali1748

      Feb 6th 2012, 19:33

      Ugh what a horrible idea, leave Deckard and Indiana Jones alone.

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    • Hadouken76

      Feb 6th 2012, 20:45

      I dont get the thinking behind this. The original was a masterpiece because it presented a less optimistic view of the future than say Logans Run or even 2001, that visual template has been imitated in the likes of other films, manga and adverts. It also asked questions about mortality and what really defines an individual? Are we superior to other being just because we say so? Anyway, I suspect Ford will act in a cameo and Sam Worthers-originals will be the main star.

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    • writerdave87

      Feb 7th 2012, 13:45

      Already been flat-out denied by the producer, this.

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    • alexr

      Feb 8th 2012, 12:36

      I'd love to see Ford as an ageing Deckard coming to assist a new Blade Runner (Sam Worthington maybe, he could fit right in actually) in retiring a rogue Nexus-6 (or whatever - Nexus-X?) which happens to be the original film's Deckard (either CG-youth Ford or work out a convenient plot point where his face is disfigured and rebuilt to allow for recasting or heavy prosthetics). c**p plot lines R me...

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