Rumour: Indiana Jones series could reboot with Bradley Cooper in lead

Franchise could take James Bond route

Indiana Jones 5 has been a Hollywood rumour that refuses to go away, but things appear to have grown a little quieter on the proposed sequel of late.

However, with Harrison Ford not getting any younger, Latino Review reports that Disney may turn to a younger man to pick up the whip and fedora, with Bradley Cooper at the top of the studio's hit-list.

The report suggests that Disney may be considering a James Bond-esque approach to the series, recasting the character while keeping the sense of overarching continuity nice and vague.

Should that turn out to be the case, we can expect an entirely new story, and not one that follows on from Crystal Skull in any way. Which wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing.

Frank Darabont has reportedly pitched a story idea to studio bosses, although whether it revolves around a younger Dr. Jones remains to be seen…

Would Cooper make for a decent replacement? Tell us, below!


    • mattburgess

      Mar 26th 2014, 8:55

      Please no. I love Bradley Cooper, and I understand that Disney spent a lot of money for a franchise, so it's probably inevitable, but I really don't want this. Or at the very least, cap off another trilogy, then reboot. Either way, I won't be watching the reboots. Sad times :'¬(

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    • endofdays2

      Mar 26th 2014, 8:57

      Seriously? There are some things that are sacred and this is one...

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    • scotthillier

      Mar 26th 2014, 9:15

      Inevitable reboot by the new owners, but if you're gonna reboot Indy then surely a younger guy makes more sense. Harrison was in his late 30s when he started the character, Cooper is already about 10 years on from that. If you must reboot the character, do it from a younger age so it doesnt feel like its retreading the same ground and upsetting all the fans.

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    • scotthillier

      Mar 26th 2014, 9:16

      Take that back, they're about the same age, my bad.

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    • craiggilchrist

      Mar 26th 2014, 9:41

      Well they're going to reboot it whether we want it or not and let's face could be much worse than a talented actor who has the chops to do rough action and comedy. It's this or Shia LeBouf people come on! This is way better than what Lucas and Spielberg gave us in that last instalment. My only worry is that they carry on the CGI. Practical effects please with matt paintings and models and huge elaborate sets!! That's what we want thank you.

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    • RKman

      Mar 26th 2014, 9:43

      Do another one with Harrison Ford, but do the next one with Bradley, I mean let's face the fact guys, Harrison Ford is not getting any younger, even though he looks younger then his age

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    • crystakura

      Mar 26th 2014, 13:45

      If they are going to reboot it it needs to be with a younger actor. This isn't James Bond we are talking about. I still won't watch or give a damn about it though.

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    • Ali1748

      Mar 26th 2014, 16:05

      I can sorta see why they'd choose Cooper, he's got that rugged sex appeal that Ford use to have back in the day. The news that really excites me is the fact Darabont has pitched an idea to Disney. If only they'd of went with his script for Indy 4 :-(

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    • Stephen1984

      Mar 26th 2014, 16:22

      I've always thought that Chris Pine would make a great Indy. Then again, I've seen the argument that with Star Trek and Jack Ryan, he might not want another franchise reboot on his CV right now.

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    • justinmartin

      Mar 27th 2014, 14:22

      Erm.....WHAT A LOAD OF SH*T!!!!!! They need to do a 5th with Harrison Ford!!!

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