Rumour: Is this the working title for Star Wars: Episode VII?

Are you ready for The Ancient Fear?

This morning's Episode VII rumour is a bit of a biggie, with AICN reporting that the film has a new working title that refers to one of its characters.

According to the report, the film will be known as The Ancient Fear, a title that refers to Max von Sydow's character, who will apparently be the villain of the piece.

Furthermore, AICN claims that said villain "makes Pazuzu look like a pussy", in reference to the demon von Sydow squared off against in The Exorcist.

The story goes on to claim that the title has been verified by a source close to the production, although needless to say, nothing has been confirmed by Disney's official channels.

So does Star Wars: Episode VII - The Ancient Fear have a ring to it, in your opinion? Let us know what you'd have called it in the comments section below...

What do you think of the potential title? Tell us, below!


    • FilmTimelapse

      May 7th 2014, 6:54

      Sounds a lot like "the Phantom Menace" :-/

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    • Mck123

      May 7th 2014, 8:18

      Pretty good title and less pompous than the first two prequel titles.

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    • jaykays hat

      May 7th 2014, 10:17

      Don't mention The Phantom Menace, the more I watch that film the more I realise just how bad it is and the angrier I get with George Lucas.

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    • QuietLife

      May 7th 2014, 11:30

      I'd recommend you stop watching it! I know I did.

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    • endofdays2

      May 7th 2014, 11:35

      Quite like it. Can see "Episode VII - The Ancient Fear" scrolling up the screen at the start.

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    • YTWhitemanson

      May 7th 2014, 11:43

      Episode VII - the ancient george lucas and 2.4 millions of dollars which the sith lord disney plans to get back in only two movies. has a ring to it doesnt it?

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    • Ali1748

      May 7th 2014, 15:11

      "makes Pazuzu look like a p***y" LOL

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