Rumour: Matthew Vaughn to direct Star Wars: Episode VII?

X-Men: First Class director top of the rumour list

Matthew Vaughn is rumoured to be in talks with Lucasfilm to direct Star Wars: Episode VII.

The brand new installment in the space-opera saga is going to be the centre of some pretty intense rumour speculation right up until its May 2015 release, so take this with a handful of salt.

Collider reports that they’re hearing that Vaughn is in talks, and that the new SW was the reason behind the director’s decision to leave the X-Men franchise.

While Vaughn isn’t yet a household name, he has an extremely impressive directing career under his belt, currently standing four-for-four off Layer Cake, Stardust, Kick-Ass and X-Men: First Class.

With a confident hand across a variety of genres, it’s easy to imagine Vaughn making an extremely capable candidate - particularly when you look at how he revamped X-Men with retro-swagger, after a duff threequel had stripped the franchise of its cool.

That said, we’re keeping this particular rumour at arm’s length until we hear an official announcement.

Expect plenty more names to be thrown into the ring before we find out who’s landed the top job.

Do you think this rumour holds any weight? Comment below…


    • Ali1748

      Nov 6th 2012, 16:35

      Ugh that would be such a terrible choice, at least give it to a director with some Sci Fi experience like Duncan Jones.

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    • alexr

      Nov 6th 2012, 17:00

      Why would it be a terrible choice? An outsider's perspective could be a good thing. My choice would be: Vaughn to direct Episode VII, David Twohy to handle the Episode VIII bridge, and someone like Spielberg to finish it off...

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    • Ali1748

      Nov 6th 2012, 17:06

      Vaugh is overrated, X-men First Class wasn't as amazing as everyone made it out to be in fact it wasn't even the best comic book movie to came out that year. Vaughn also choose Vinne Jones for Juggernaut before he left X-Men 3. Duncan Jones or Neil Blomkamp would be way better choices.

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    • Hadouken76

      Nov 6th 2012, 17:23

      Jones and Blomkamp are too good for the Star Wars franchise, I suspect they would prefer to do something more meaningful than Lucas' cast offs. It will end up being a hack director like Wiseman or McG, someone with no cred or discernible stock in Hollywood.

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    • trist808

      Nov 6th 2012, 18:14

      Peter Jackson would be a good shout, once the Hobbit trilogy is out of the way, maybe he could be free to do Ep 7 or one of the follow up films? I'd like to see what he could do with the franchise.

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    • piffle

      Nov 6th 2012, 18:15

      I like this choice. Vaughn's done a lot more right than wrong. As long as he leaves Vinnie Jones at home it should be just fine. Time to take bets on Dexter Fletcher's role though.

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    • zxcomplex

      Nov 6th 2012, 18:31

      I would like to see Matthew Vaughn get the job, but I think it will go to somebody like Joe Johnston instead.

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    • joegilmartin

      Nov 6th 2012, 20:04

      Ali1748 "at least give it to a director with some Sci Fi experience like Duncan Jones." ummmm a film about mutants with special powers isn't Sci Fi enough for you? Vaughan is a great director. Layer Cake was the making of Daniel Craig now he is taking over the world as Bond, Kick a*s re-invented comic book film and it took guts to make a Mark Millar film and not ruin it like Wanted. Plus Jane Goldman writes his scripts and they are always brilliant. I love the thought of Matthew starting the new Star Wars saga. However Duncan Jones would also be amazing so I can't and won't argue you with that

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    • cinemovie

      Nov 6th 2012, 20:08

      He's a great choice. He brought substance to both 'Kick a*s' and "X-Men: First Class," and that's sorely missing from the last "Star Wars" episodes.

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    • smellyhands

      Nov 6th 2012, 20:31

      I fear Hadouken76 will be right with his guess as I can see it just being handed to someone like Wiseman. I dont think the likes of Duncan Jones would be interested in this pop corn movie blockbuster. He more than likely has more interesting and thought provoking films cooking somewhere.

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    • GFoley83

      Nov 6th 2012, 22:29

      I'm usually in agreement with Hadouken76 but I think you're wrong on this one. There's no way Disney are gonna give this one to the popcorn likes of McG/ Brett Ratner/Stephen Sommers et al. I think Matthew Vaughn, Jones and Blomkamp are all realistic and viable choices. And by no means too A'listy for the job given their shorter CVs'. Also, I would not be one bit surprised if Brad Bird's hat got thrown into the ring on this one given that he has a long running history with Disney/Pixar, especially with the success of his first live action film in MI:4.

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    • ilikescifi

      Nov 7th 2012, 2:43

      Goddam i can't help reacting to these rumours.....I think Disney would use Vaughn, they lost out using an older director with JOhn Carter and look what they did with Tron Legacy; threw in a young director with cool but sparse credentials. Personally I did not agree with that, they wasted a major franchise reboot with a director that understood great visuals but couldn't reach any emotional heartbeats. I actually appreciate the hammy sincerity of the original star wars films, and Lucas seemed to want more experienced, 'classical' directors to helm the episodes, eg. Francis Ford Coppola to add richness and texture. I really hope Disney approaches the new trilogy as a set of fables and mythology like their fairytale roots, unlike the new CGized snappy wisecracking sexy town animated films of nowadays.

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    • mikeyjones

      Nov 7th 2012, 9:55

      Why mess around with these B-list types (Vaughn/Sommers/McG/Ratner) or flavor of the month types (Rian Johnson/Jones/Rifin)? .............Just get Fincher. Kennedy produced Benjamin Button. She knows how to deal with DF's b******t, and we all know he'll deliver. Didn't he work on Jedi as a kid anyway?

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    • NickyC

      Nov 7th 2012, 10:23

      Call me insane, but I get the sneaky feeling that once we've seen Iron Man 3 we might be calling for Shane Black to be involved. Star Wars needs his kind of touch, whereby you have comedy, darkness and high adventure in equal measure. That said, I think Vaughn would do a great job. Look at Kick-a*s ... it has the same mixture of action and comedy and has a mean edge when he wants to. I think he'd do a bloody brilliant Sith, because he gets bad guys.

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    • SiMan

      Nov 7th 2012, 14:10

      How much input is Lucas going to have in terms of director choice i wonder? Am i right in thinking that he wanted Ivan Reitman to direct Jedi, but he couldn't because he wasn't part of the Director's Guild of America and there was a big issue about him having directed 'Empire'. I for one hope that they get someone who is going to try to re-create the 'look' and 'feel' of the original trilogy. One of the (many) things i hated about the prequels was they didn't look the same. It was almost like they were from a different film universe - the CGI sets looked horrible.

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    • alexr

      Nov 7th 2012, 17:10

      If you want popcorn movies, how about Michael Bay?

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    • Ali1748

      Nov 8th 2012, 6:23

      Wasn't Spielberg close to directing one of the original Star Wars ?

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