Rupert Friend starring in The Kid

Ioan Gruffudd and Natascha McElhone also on

Actor Nick Moran is taking a second stab at directing, and has nabbed Ioan Gruffudd, Rupert Friend and Natascha McElhone for his latest project, The Kid.

Liam Cunningham will also star in the pic, which adapts Kevin Lewis’ best-selling true-life story.

Lewis grew up an abused child and managed to untangle himself from the criminal underworld in London to lead a better life.

Moran pulled the movie together after winning praise fir his first music biopic Telstar.

[Source: Variety]


    • 4737Carling

      Feb 3rd 2009, 13:54

      I work for an agency and have read the screenplay by Kevin Lewis and Mark Thomas and it is exceptional. We didn't get to place any of our actors into the cast but it was not for the want of trying. JE

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