Russell Crowe helped Hugh Jackman get Wolverine gig

Bryan Singer initially wanted Crowe for the role

Russell Crowe and Hugh Jackman will soon be playing lifelong rivals in the forthcoming adaptation of Les Miserables, but off-screen, the former gave the latter a huge helping hand in establishing his Hollywood career.

According to Jackman, he would never have got the role of Wolverine in the first X-Men film had it not been for the intervention of Crowe, who was Bryan Singer’s first choice to play the part.

“Bryan Singer asked [Crowe] to do Wolverine," Jackman explained. "And he said, 'Nah, I've just done Gladiator, it's not for me, but you should look at this guy…’”

The rest, as they say, is history. Although it’s interesting to ponder what Crowe would have been like as Wolverine. Would his portrayal have been as iconic, given that he was already a far more familiar face than Jackman?

In any case, Jackman got the gig and is still going strong, with The Wolverinestill to come, and a cameo in X-Men: Days Of Future Past more than likely. Long may he continue.

Would Crowe have made a decent Wolverine? Tell us, below!


    • BobTheSkull

      Nov 26th 2012, 9:06

      Russell Crowe as Wolverine would have single handedly made me dislike one of my favourite characters. I really don't like the guy. I don't know why, I can't really place it... maybe it's because he comes off so arrogant every time I've seen him in interviews or behind the scenes stuff. Anyway, I'm glad he didn't get the gig. And I thought it was Dougray Scott who was in pole for Wolvie, but broke an arm and couldn't film?

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    • McSerious

      Nov 26th 2012, 15:04

      Seem to remember reading he had to drop out to reshoot scenes for Mission Impossible II... If that's the case then he must look at the Wolverine role with soooo much resentment!

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    • FBJRider

      Nov 26th 2012, 15:21

      I'd like to see his interpretation actually, I can imagine it'd be pretty good, maybe not as good as Jackman's but still. I've never been the biggest Wolvie fan so I wouldn't care too much if he ruined the part. As for a cameo in Days of Future Past, I sure hope not.

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    • Ali1748

      Nov 26th 2012, 16:32

      Crowe is a badass so this doesn't surprise me.

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    • SiMan

      Nov 26th 2012, 18:59

      I personally think he's a terrific actor and always find him watchable. He also seems to be 'mellowing' out in more recent roles though - isn't he in that Man with the Iron Fist, which doesn't look like his usual type of film, plus he's in another little comic book film that's out next year.

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    • DravenCage

      Nov 26th 2012, 23:01

      I thought it was pretty much common knowledge that Dougray Scott was first choice for Wolverine, but had to shoot additional footage for Mission: Impossible II, meaning he had to drop out. That story has been reported and repeated countless times, so it seems Mr. Crowe might be talking out of his a**e on this one.

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    • SiMan

      Nov 27th 2012, 14:10

      You know what, this is the second type of this story that contradicts something i previously thought was common knowledge - the other was about the 'I'll be back line' from The Terminator and how that came about. Is Hollywood starting to remake it's own history? Next we'll be hearing that Ford and Spielberg always planned to shoot the sword-wielding guy.

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    • Ali1748

      Nov 27th 2012, 14:15

      Dougray Scott must shed a tear anytime he catches a glimpse of Wolverine on the tv.

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