Russian Avengers trailer reveals new footage

And the toy-line hints at a guest villain…

A new trailer for The Avengers has landed online.

OK, so it's in Russian, but there's still plenty of superhero goodness to enjoy if you don't mind a bit of Russian dubbing.

There's not a whole lot of new footage, though eagle-eyed Avengers obsessives will spot a few little treats littered throughout.

Basically, if you're as obsessed with seeing The Avengers as we are, this'll provide a little relief ahead of the four-month wait until the film's release.

Check it out below:

And, if you're not averse to spoilers, read on...

Toy manufacturers have a way of spoiling big superhero movies, with figurines often revealing key characters before the movie marketing does (how many times are we going to see Spider-Man's Lizard in toy-form before we get a glimpse of the real thing?)

Well, according to MovieWeb, the HeroClix line of Avengers toys may have given away another of the film's big baddies.

According to a press release, Thor and Captain America will be battling Loki and… the Red Skull.

The scarlet-visaged Nazi evaporated at the end of Captain America: The First Avenger, so depending on where he ended up, it's quite possible he could be coming back (did he get teleported to Asgard?)

Or, is it merely a ploy by the toy company to make it a more fairly matched fight between heroes and villains? Hugo Weaving has never officially been linked to The Avengers, so it's all speculation at the moment.

The Avengers opens on 27 April 2012.

Liking the Russian dub? Think a mystery guest villain will be showing up? Let us know!


    • bill2112

      Dec 31st 2011, 13:53

      Could they have confused Red Skull with SKRULL? ;-)

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    • StevePotter

      Dec 31st 2011, 21:08

      I hope the Red Skull is back; I always figured he got sent to Asgard or something.

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