Sadistic teens return for Them remake

StudioCanal bag the rights for French slasher

Fans of David Moreau and Xavier Pauld’s 2006 home invasion horror Them (Ils), will be pleased to hear that StudioCanal has gained the rights for a remake, now named Six.

Back in 2008 Rogue Pictures expressed some interest in remaking the psychological slasher, but were unable to pull the project together.

Now, three years later, StudioCanal have landed the rights and have bagged David Alcalde to helm.

The newly signed Alcalde is a respected commercials director, with over 200 credited adverts.

He's also made several shorts, including Happy Birthday to You, which won Screamfest in 2006.

Them concerned a young married couple living in an isolated home, who are tortured and terrorised by hooded attackers over the course of one night.

Let’s hope the remake stays true to the intense original and doesn’t bend too far toward Bryan Bertino's 2008 The Strangers, which is considered by many to be an unofficial Hollywood remake.

Are you a fan of the original or do you want to see Them updated? Tell us below!


    • Heisenberg

      Oct 26th 2011, 15:20

      i enjoyed this movie, it was pretty fcuking creepy in places. Awh that rattle clacking noise was freaky!

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    • badger86

      Oct 26th 2011, 15:21


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    • RaveyDaveyGravy

      Oct 26th 2011, 15:26

      the original was a**e puckeringly tight, what's the point in remaking it?

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    • Indianabones

      Oct 26th 2011, 17:37

      Thought they had remade this in its American form called strangers?

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    • Hadouken76

      Oct 26th 2011, 22:59

      So its about giant ants then?

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    • StevePotter

      Oct 27th 2011, 6:16

      @Hadouken- I too found myself asking, "What do sadistic teens have to do with the giant killer ant movie?"

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