Sam Mendes directing Preacher!

Sony signs him to the graphic novel adaptation

Sam Mendes has signed on to direct the adaption of Garth Ennis’ Preacher for Sony’s Columbia Pictures.

Variety reports that he’ll take on the film, though there’s no word on a writer or cast yet.

The new announcement comes after Ennis’ work spent years in development limbo and almost made it to the small screen, with Daredevil’s Mark Steven Johnson unsuccessfully pitching it to HBO.

Road To Perdition

Hell, this thing goes back so far, Ben Affleck was once considered the prime choice for the lead.

Ennis and artist Steve Dillon’s sprawling, Bible-chewing graphic novel finds a preacher in a Texas down who discovers he’s the product of a union between a demon and an angel.

With his assassin girlfriend and a (mostly) good vampire in tow, he sets off on a journey across country to destroy the evil that destroyed his hometown.

While it’s not exactly like anything Mendes has tackled before, he does have graphic novel adaptation Road To Perdition on his CV.

Sam, please keep the villain Arseface in the story… That’s all we ask!


    • thejonner

      Oct 31st 2008, 11:08

      I for one am very excited by this news. Steven Johnson? No way, although I still think that TV is the way to go, if only to ensure that not too much of the story is lost and it remains coherent. Sam Mendes, though... Blinding! I suppose we'll all now just have to wait five years for it...

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    • Ray Peterson

      Nov 1st 2008, 5:23

      Wasn't sure at first, but now I think it's a pretty good fit. The themes seem to fit nicely with The Road to Perdition.

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