Sam Raimi refuses to watch The Amazing Spider-Man

“I don’t want to go to my ex-girlfriend’s wedding”

Sam Raimi has revealed that he can’t bring himself to watch The Amazing Spider-Man, likening the situation to attending the wedding of an ex-girlfriend.
Raimi was long-attached to a fourth Spider-Man movie, before Sony decided they wanted to take the property in a different direction and reboot the series entirely. Understandably, Raimi isn’t in a tearing hurry to see what they came up with…
“I'm a big Marc Webb fan and a giant fan of Emma Stone. And of Andrew Garfield," says Raimi. "But I haven't had the guts to go see the movie yet, because I don't want to go to my ex- girlfriend's wedding. I just can't bring myself to do it - I don't have the guts.”
That said, there’s no bitterness from Raimi towards the movie, and he goes on to wish Marc Webb the best of luck with the series.

“I think I handed the torch to Marc and I hear that he made a brilliant picture,” says Raimi. “I only wish him the best.” The Amazing Spider-Man 2 opens in the UK on 18 April 2014. 

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    • Benmorse

      Feb 19th 2013, 12:59

      What a gent. The good news Mr Raimi, is that the same issues preside over the reboot as over your trilogy. Both versions have great leads, (I'd give Emma Stone the edge over Kirsten Dunst though) Both have good scripts loyal to source materials (original canon vs Ultimates) and both woefully miscast a villain, and got re-written and tinkered with by a studio that focuses more on box office than audience retention.

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    • SiMan

      Feb 19th 2013, 13:26

      Is he gonna say the same of the Evil Dead remake?

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    • craigmustdie

      Feb 19th 2013, 14:08

      It's understandable, it does appear that he was perhaps screwed over a little and he didn't exactly end his tenure on a high. The Evil Dead though is a very different proposition, it's his own property (he actually owns the rights) and he's had the freedom to oversee the production to whatever degree he saw fit.

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    • Ali1748

      Feb 20th 2013, 0:57

      Classy response and I can completely understand where he's coming from. The Amazing Spider-Man was a pleasant surprise but it's roughly the same as Raimi's first Spidey.

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    • Hadouken76

      Feb 20th 2013, 1:14

      I feel sorry for Raimi, he was forced to crowbar in Venom thanks to fanboy demand (thanks!), a character he loathed from the start, which upset the balance of the movie. I reckon Spiderman 4 would have seen Dylan Baker finally become The Lizard, a build up over the trilogy that sadly come to nothing. Also, I have a sly suspicion that the wrongness of Spiderman 3 (emo dancing , too many villains) was a big FU to all the basement dwelling virgins that ruined his movie.

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    • Indianabones

      Feb 20th 2013, 6:45

      I is a very decent response, while I can't bring myself to watch Raimi's first spiderman, I did love the 2nd one! I still think Webbs TAS is better, but my worry is that its going down the Ultimate story. Dunst was an awful choice for Mary Jane though, I'm quite a fan of Kirsten Dunst but casting and take on MJ was awful.

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    • Ali1748

      Feb 20th 2013, 22:25

      Hadouken stop ! Venom is a great character and as much as I like Raimi it's sheer laziness that he wasn't able to make that character work.

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