Sam Raimi’s horror remake eye turns to Europe

Anguish and Room 205 are Ghost House’s latest targets

Like the giant, roving eye of Sauron, except one aimed at remaking horror pics, Sam Raimi’s Ghost House company has nabbed the rights to two Euro-horror films: Anguish and Room 205.

Anguish is taking shape based on Bigas Luna’s 1987 Spanish chiller that sees two girls discover their lives beginning to mirror the horror movie they’re watching.

Jake Wade Wall has been writing an adaptation, but there’s no word on a director yet.

Even further along is Room 205, a Danish pic that will be remade as The Dorm.

Original Room 205 helmer Martin Barnewitz is apparently on tap to handle the new version, which will feature a haunted university dorm room.

Given that Raimi’s gang started with Asian horror and is now onto Europe, is it just a matter of time before Russia’s horror industry gets a phone call. That’s coming FROM INSIDE THE HOUSE.

Okay, just a regular phone call.

[Source: Variety]

Do you think US studios should remake horror from around the world? Or stick to their own stuff?



    • Ray Peterson

      Feb 11th 2009, 19:06

      Generally I prefer watching the originals. I think that there are very specific cultural elements to horror films that get lost when they get remade elsewhere.

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