Sam Raimi to direct The Shadow?

Spidey director turns to the darkside...


Having recently parted company with Sony over Spiderman 4, it seems Sam Raimi is upping the ante for a possible adaptation of The Shadow.

Raimi, who has never disguised his intentions to produce a reboot of the cult character, had this to say back in 2007;

"I love the character very much and we're trying to work on a story that'll do justice to the character."

Raimi was previously attached to the project as producer, but with Spider-man out of the picture, the slate is clear for Sam to jump in the directors chair - sweet music surely to those who remember the Alec Baldwin-starring 1994 shambles of an adaptation.

As far as casting goes, we know just the man for the job... *cough* Bruce Campbell *cough*.

Do you want Raimi lurking in the Shadows? Let us know!


    • pesh120

      Feb 1st 2010, 17:21

      I would love to see Bruce Campbell do this but I think he would have to lose a ton of weight and be 10 years younger.

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    • joe35

      Feb 1st 2010, 18:50

      I smell epic failure. The Shadow in the hands of Sam Raimi is bad enough. But yesterday I read that the script being worked on is a dark, R-rated bloodbath of Punisher-type proportions. Jeez, does everything have to be dark and violent now just because THE DARK KNIGHT tricked people into thinking it was a good movie? The 1994 movie was a terrific adaptation that married the best of both the radio show and the original pulp novels, and was clearly made by people who knew and loved the material. I doubt this new Raimi version will be anything like that.

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    • namedropper

      Feb 1st 2010, 20:39

      Oh dear. Whenever I think of the Shadow I think of The Phantom. Made about the same time and with Billy Zane running around in a purple cat suit. Then I think of something more contemporary and I think of the Spirit. If you go to the cinema and this is on you really would look to see what else was on then decide to go to the pub instead to watch Charlton play Coventry.

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    • doe333

      Feb 1st 2010, 21:37

      @joe35: In case you didn't notice, most of Raimi's work is dark & violent. That's how he started and that's what he's good at. It would have nothing to do with Dark Knight, it would just be Raimi's own twist on it. And I don't care how old Bruce Campbell is, put a little make-up on him, he can do it!

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    • mcghater

      Feb 2nd 2010, 9:44

      fghjk spam much a$$hole

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    • GarthMarenghi

      Feb 2nd 2010, 14:41

      The 1994 version is far from a shambles. Beautiful production design and photography, a wicked sense of humour and that wonderful Jerry Goldsmith score make up for most of its faults. I'd normally be depressed at the idea of a remake, but as long as it's Raimi at the helm I'm intrigued. Fingers crossed he brings some of that operatic 'Darkman' form to the movie - and keeps it set in the 1930s. If you modernise it and lose all the Art Deco opulence, you might as well not bother.

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    • glenn2009b

      Feb 3rd 2010, 18:20

      I agree with Garth that the 1994 version was very good and the era and atmosphere of any update should remain true to the original Shadow. Now for Bruce; I like Bruce's characters, but I'm ambivalent about selecting for the next Shadow. Maybe he could be a bumbling henchman with lots of screen time?

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