Sam Raimi wants Morbius as villain in Spidey 4

"I like that combination of superhero plus supernatural"

It looks like Sam Raimi is hitting up vampire Morbius to appear as the villain in Spiderman 4.

A /Film reader is reporting that Raimi spoke to Empire of his preference to include the fictional biochemist.

“I like it in the Marvel comics when Spider-Man fights Morbius,” Raimi said. “He’s really cool. A vampire! I like that combination of superhero plus supernatural.”

The Lizard still to return?

Raimi’s enthusiasm towards Morbius would also support rumours that the Lizard will feature in the sequel.

The story of Morbius is closely tied to the fate of Dr. Curt Connors. At one point in the comics, Spiderman and Lizard team up to best the vampire.

No news or rumours on casting yet, though. Question: Who would you like to see play Morbius? Let us know, below.

Source: /Film


    • mattburgess

      Jan 9th 2009, 12:26

      Someone needs to take the reigns off of Raimi and pass them on to someone else. Spiderman 3 was a huge disappointment, and now we're getting vampires?? I know it's fantasy, but the first two Spidey films were at least passably realistic! Either re-invent the franchise in a whole new way (Ultimate Spiderman?), kill it off now, or pass it on to someone else.

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    • ashley.russell

      Jan 9th 2009, 12:44

      raimi makes lovable-c**p. The evil dead films were great because they were so bad they were good. He shouldn't be allowed to helm a franchise as big as this, especially after the ridiculous joke that was Spiderman 3. having a vampire in a spiderman film is like having batman fight a s**t-demon.

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    • theGlimmerTwin

      Jan 10th 2009, 11:17

      Well if you want to be strict and "real" about it (which frankly for a comic movie is ridiculous) Morbius isn't 'actually' a vampire. He gained vampiric attributes while trying to cue himself of a rare blood decease using bats and electroshock therapy. His creation is a scientific accident, kind of like, oh yeah, Spidy! lol. His origins were specifically scientific as Stan Lee wanted to push against the Comics Code Authority's ban on vampires at the time.

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    • GrandiaKnight

      Jan 10th 2009, 13:22

      I think if you were to have him start out as human like Brock and then turn later it might work better. Also you have to remember Morbius is not a true supernatural vampire he gave himself vampiric abilities through science by combining his dna with vampire bats. I think if Raimi was to focus on the science rather than the supernatural it should make sense. Also I think he not be the main villian but one in the background. As to who would play him how about James McAvoy?

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    • ashley.russell

      Jan 10th 2009, 16:34

      ok that makes more sense if he's not a 'real' vampire but an experiment-gone-wrong.

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    • Ray Peterson

      Jan 12th 2009, 17:07

      Look at that picture of Morbius and tell me that's not a shoo-in for Kevin Dillon.

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    • MrMAB

      Jan 16th 2009, 16:43

      Looking at the character from the comics, you'd need someone with high cheekbones, a gaunt face and a mouth big enough to throw in some threatening fangs. Too bad they've already used Willem Dafoe!

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    • MrMAB

      Jan 16th 2009, 16:44

      My only request is that--like Curt Connors and Otto Octavius--they cast someone old enough to be believable as the scientist that Morbius starts out as!

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    • ven0mal1ve

      Jan 17th 2009, 21:28

      It's a man bitten by a spider, who can do whatever a spider can do!!!!! vampire's are the least of your worry's. There was a evil black spidey, a man made of sand, and technically if you wanted to you could get the hulk, wolverine, blade, the fantastic four, daredevil and whoever you wanted, it's still not realistic!!!!!!I love spidey by the way, the second was ok, the third, should have been better; get carnage in(make him insanely loco, and evil)

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