Sam Rockwell joins comedy The Sitter

Playing drug dealer to Jonah Hill's babysitter

Jonah Hill

Sam Rockwell is set to join Jonah Hill in druggy babysitting caper The Sitter.

The actor, most recently spotted in Iron Man 2 and currently filming the awesome-looking Cowboys & Aliens, is in final negotiations to play a drug dealer.

Alongside Curb Your Enthusiasm's J.B. Smoove, he makes life hell for Hill’s college drop-out babysitter, who is looking after three kids as a favour to his mother while also attempting to score some illicit substances for a girl.

Small wonder Hill refers to the movie as “an R-rated, fucked-up Adventures In Babysitting-type of movie” considering that batty premise.

With Pineapple Express’ David Gordon Green directing, this sounds like an R-rated companion piece to his earlier drug-fuelled adventure, and is set to open on 15 July, 2011.

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