Samuel L. Jackson introduces first trailer and clip for Kite: watch now

Includes 8 minutes of footage!

The first trailer and blood-soaked clip from anime adaptation, Kite, have arrived online, with a special introduction by leading man Samuel L. Jackson.

For those unfamiliar with the source material, Kite tells the story of a grim dystopia in which a crooked security force profits from the sexual trafficking of vulnerable young women.

When one young woman’s policeman father is killed by the regime, she sets out to find his killer, with a little help along the way from his former partner (as played by Jackson).

Take a look at the new footage, below…

With its neon colours, bone-crunching violence and booming soundtrack, it certainly feels like an anime made flesh, and a distinctly adult one, given the subject matter.

Directed by Ralph Ziman and co-starring India Eisley and Callan McAuliffe, Kite has yet to receive and official release date, but is expected to arrive in 2014. 

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