Scarface cast reunion rocks LA

Blu-ray launch brings out Tony Montana and co

Members of the Scarface cast said hello to their not-so-little friends once again as they reunited in LA for the launch of Brian De Palma's film on Blu-ray. 
Stars Al Pacino, Steven Bauer, Robert Loggia, F. Murray Abraham and producer Martin Bregman gathered at the Belasco Theatre in an event filled with the kind of trappings Tony Montana would recognise. Minus the tiger. 
“The Blu-ray is coming out and it just keeps going! It’s a film that’s always been close to my heart,” said Pacino, who was reportedly paid $100k for his services. 
Co-star Steven Bauer also praised the HD version of the film, especially The Scarface Phenomenon, an all-new documentary that explores the film's place in cinema history.
“It’s really beautiful [on Blu-ray] and the sound is amazing. It comes with a documentary that is a killer. It’s the ultimate for fans and people who love the movie,” Bauer said. 
In an on-stage Q&A Pacino noted the rap industry's love for the movie so it was only fitting that Ludacris performed for guests at the afterparty.
Scarface is released on Blu-ray on 5 September 2011. 

Will you be saying hello to your little friend in high-def when the Blu-ray launches on 5 September 2011? Let us know.


    • joker16

      Aug 25th 2011, 2:19

      I can't stand all of the ignorant black rappers who consistently misunderstand the whole thesis of the film. Much like Wall Street, it's intended to show how dangerous greed can become if it overwhelms you. No, but black people seem to completely miss the whole point of the film. The explanation of why they like the film so much always seems to go something like this "Well, I responded to it so much because that was like me growin up in da ghetto, coming from nothing and then getting it all." F u c k i n g moron! And what positive things do rappers do with all the money they get? They buy 10 sports cars, a huge, garish mansion, a bunch of playmates to sit around the pool all day in their underwear and then at some point, open up a clothing line in which they'll export all of the labor to poor third world countries. F U C K I N G A S S H O L E ' S!!!! Sorry but I needed to vent ;)

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    • Gav83

      Aug 25th 2011, 2:50

      Just a tad racist, but I'm inclined to agree with ye.

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    • joker16

      Aug 25th 2011, 4:24

      @Gav83 Yeah, I know, but hey, just telling it like it is. The truth isn't always pretty.

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    • Frankie88

      Aug 25th 2011, 6:26

      Somebody forgot to invite Pfeiffer and Mastrantonio(

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    • timothy

      Sep 10th 2011, 9:58

      joker16, you are analysing the truth but calling them a*****es dont make no sense to me its an action of hatred, am sure your not a fan of black people, scarface situation still happens in every community be it white, puerto rican or black. but its just kept on the down low. america as a country was built on coke money, football stadiums big companies. the music brought out is what the record companies wants to be put out, who owns the record company? do the maths, Who goes to all this so called rap artist concert? do the maths. one more point what anybody that has money buys with his money is his own business, jay leno is got f*****g hundreds of cars what is your say on that, black person got 10 your p********f. ahhaha when a white man does it he is right? but when a black man does it he wrong? check your statistics before judging, whats the benefit of the money you have, you will end up dying so all you could do is enjoy it because when you die the coffin can only contain you :) Judge right my friend 21st century quit the bias s**t..

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