Scarlett Johansson nude stills online

From He's Just Not That Into You trailer

It's a dull Friday afternoon, so what better way to perk up your lunchtime than to check out Scarlett Johansson skinny-dipping in the He's Just Not That Into You trailer.

Click the gallery to your right to see the stills.

The trailer is a brilliant bit of marketing, ensuring that boyfriends around the world won't complain too much about being dragged to a Jennifer Aniston rom-com.

Hit the gallery to your right to see what we mean - and then check our Related News section to see more Scarlett Johansson goodness.


    • Bulletproof_animal

      Dec 1st 2008, 16:22

      Pathetic. From a s****y little excuse for a Paul Newman obituary to this. You people are just awful!

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    • i01377

      Dec 28th 2008, 13:36

      Scarlett Johansson.. she's nt hot. jus an ordinary chick, nothing special.

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