Scott Pilgrim's creator talks up the movie's cast

Bryan Lee O'Malley seems satisfied...

Seems like Bryan Lee O’Malley is fairly happy with the progress that Edgar Wright has made with casting his adaptation of O’Malley’s Scott Pilgrim series.

Talking to MTV, O’Malley admitted that he was glad to have been involved with the development of Scott Pilgrim Vs The World.

“I think the whole cast is amazing,” O’Malley told MTV News. “Edgar Wright is a genius for casting. Everyone that they’ve got is pretty spot-on.”

The cast currently includes Michael Cera, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Brandon Routh, Kieran Culkin and Chris Evans, who you can see below making his first appearance on Edgar’s MySpace blog.

“I’ve seen all of the casting tapes, and I’ve seen everyone that we’ve rejected and everyone we’ve accepted. I’ve been there all along,” O’Malley says.

“Edgar and I have been on the same page about everything, which is pretty amazing. Everyone that we’ve seen who we knew we liked a little bit but they weren’t quite right, we would wait and see someone else and then it turned out well after all.”

Sadly he doesn’t comment on whether Jason Schwartzman is definitely playing a role – be it the 7th and ultimate evil boyfriend Gideon Gordon Graves that Scott has to overcome in order to win Ramona (Winstead)’s heart or another character.

Take a look at the pic in our gallery and tell us – that question mark looks awfully like a seven to us…

[Source: MTV]


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