Screenwriter says Taken 3 is a go

Box office success sparks demand for second sequel

As we predicted earlier in the week, Taken 2’s extraordinarily strong performance at the box office has convinced Fox executives that there’s life in the franchise yet, with writer Robert Mark Kamen suggesting that a third film is moving forward.

Indeed, Kamen doesn’t make any bones about the motivation behind another sequel, admitting that the second film’s $100m global opening made everybody think twice.

“We didn't start talking about [Taken 3] until we saw the numbers," explains Kamen. "But then we said, 'Oh, OK. I think we should do a third one.' And Fox wants us to do a third one."

Neeson has already expressed doubts over where exactly a third film could go, suggesting that his time on the series is up. However, Kamen argues that the new film will find a fresh angle that might persuade the star to stay.

“How many times can she be taken?” he reasons. “It's bad parenthood after that. Taken 3 is going to go in another direction. Should be interesting."

Taken 2 is in cinemas now.

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    • Hadouken76

      Oct 10th 2012, 8:32

      It seems Neeson took a lot of convincing to do Taken 2, I doubt he will be talked into doing another. Taken 3 will probably be straight to DVD.

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    • FBGRees

      Oct 10th 2012, 8:51

      the numbers were good through peoples love of the first one . people will feel let down with taken 2 and word of month will kill it after 2 weeks , telling you

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    • FBALeal

      Oct 10th 2012, 10:12

      Still. You got to appreciate the honesty of the guy; “We didn't start talking about [Taken 3] until we saw the numbers". No one ever says that these days. I do hope Neeson will not return, just to have the star of succesful sequel show some integrity for once (or twice with Christian Bale refusing to return after Dark Knight Rises).

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    • Ali1748

      Oct 10th 2012, 11:50

      I hope Liam says no.

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    • FBJRider

      Oct 10th 2012, 11:50

      At least he's not pretending it's because he 'loves that world within the film' or he's 'attached to the characters' or he 'has an amazing idea for the third outing'. He can admit it's for the money, it's not necessarily a good thing but I admire his honesty. If only Bay could be that honest about Transformers 4.

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    • ginnieharris

      Oct 10th 2012, 14:31

      I think there should be a taken 3, perhaps Kim breaks into music and that how she gets vulnerable. Perhap Liam Neeson and his team has to do the saving.

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    • alexr

      Oct 12th 2012, 15:19

      Perhaps Kim does break into music and is murdered by a deranged fan (similar to the opening of Taken) but with an actual murder. Bryan falls into alcohol fuelled despair and decides to find and kill his daughters murderer. Unfortunately, he has no way of tracking the murderer, and his team (trying to help keep him busy) send him on a wild goose chase overseas to give him some perspective. When he finds out he has been deceived, and that one of his 'friends' may have actually been involved in his daughters murder, he sets about TAKING revenge for his loss. In the end, he is left face to face with his daughters murderer and they proceed to fight hand to hand until they are both mortally wounded. Bryan delivers the final blow, killing his best friend, before succumbing to his own injuries and dies while watching the sun set. (Note to producers: Make sure you actually allow us to see Bryan's particular set of skills in action, and show us how to use violence and anger as good forms of rehabilitation from severe emotional trauma).

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    • alexr

      Oct 12th 2012, 15:20

      oops - that should read: (similar to the opening of Taken - but with an actual murder).

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    • Millie22

      Jan 22nd 2013, 21:43

      I hope there is a taken 3 cause the ending was bad

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