Secret In Their Eyes getting remake

Billy Ray set to direct

Secret In Their Eyes

Let Me In, Matt Reeves’ revamp of Swedish horror Let The Right One In, hasn’t exactly set the US box office alight this past week, but evidently Hollywood still thinks remakes are the way forward.

Why? Well, a reboot of Oscar-winning Argentinean flick The Secret In Their Eyes has been ordered by Warner Bros.

Shattered Glass director Billy Ray has been tapped to direct, and will adapt Juan Jose Campanella’s original crime thriller into an English-speaking potential hit for the studio.

The original story follows a retired investigator who now works as a writer, and attempts to solve a decades old murder. Ray’s version will, of course, transport the setting to modern day America.

Though ‘remake’ generally equals ‘bad’, the stellar quality of Let Me In just goes to show that it’s more generally who’s behind the camera that determines how a reboot turns out – and if they’re left alone to craft their own version of a story.

Can Ray do just that with Secret In Their Eyes? Fingers crossed, 'cos it looks like there's no stopping this getting made…


Is the remake thing spiralling out of control? Debate below…

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    • JimmyJump

      Jan 10th 2011, 23:56

      This again shows how blind they are in Hollywood, or how far from reality studio execs are... Spanish is by far the second language in the USA, with millions of Puerto Ricans, Cubans, Mexicans, Argentinians and many other -ans living in the USA, so there's bound to be a few people who are going to go see (or have seen) the original. Then again, the USA is so protective of its own products that foreign movies don't get the exposure they deserve, resulting in poor remakes of great movies. If this one goes through, I'll have a look, put I won't be harboring great expectations. Billy Ray might surprise me, but I fear it won't be in the positive sense... JJ

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