See all the Superbowl TV spots in hi-def!

Loads of new teaser trailers including Transformers 2, Star Trek, GI Joe...

All the Superbowl half-time teaser trailers now appeared online and we've tracked them all down for you to see here.

The quality is a bit varied, but they're all worth a look - particularly the Transformers 2 spot which is, frankly, off the scale of awesomeosity.

Take a look at them below. And check out our Transformers, Star Trek and GI Joe breakdowns (also listed below) to uncover the little nuggets you might have missed if you haven't watched each one a hundred times. Like us.

Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen

See our Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen trailer breakdown here.

Star Trek

See our Star Trek trailer breakdown here.

GI Joe

See our GI Joe trailer breakdown here.

Land Of The Lost

Fast & Furious

Year One


Angels & Demons

What do you think? What's the story with that giant ultra-bot at the end of the Transformers trailer? Why is the CGI so ropey in Land Of The Lost? How indifferent are you to Fast & Furious?


    • blundalex

      Feb 2nd 2009, 10:19

      Revenge looks awesome, glad they have stepped up the effects from the first film, especially with the robot at the end of T4's teaser. Star Trek looked alot of more fun than they have been in the past. I was slightly worried about Stephen Sommers doing GI Joe and it looks like my worries were on the right line....looked bad. Mind you didnt look half as bad as land of the lost...a giant c**p cgi crab in the middle of the desert???? WHY???? Fast and Furious, Year One, Angels and Demons...well i mentioned them...... Finally UP looks very Pixar and very promising....

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    • RossyD

      Feb 2nd 2009, 13:44

      I used to be the biggest G.I. Joe fan as a kid or Action Force as it was originally known over here. But that movie looks the biggest load of w**k I've ever seen. Bad cast, stupid costumes and it looks as though its gonna rely on crappy cgi set pieces. Might only be worth watching for Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow.

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    • RossyD

      Feb 2nd 2009, 14:03

      I hope for the sake of all involved that Year One is gonna kickass. Geniunely excited about this one I mean its got Paul Rudd in so I'm already gonna go and see it. Transformers looks pure cinema enjoyment with some awesome looking set pieces, should be good. Reckon I'm little more excited about the new Terminator but they should both be the summer movies to watch. Oh and as for Fast and Furious, who gives a f*****g s**t? cos I dont! Paul Walker is as exciting as hearing about the credit crunch on the news everyday!

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    • scabo33

      Feb 2nd 2009, 16:46

      Revenge looks sick! i can see total film really hyping up GI Joe..but then given it like 2 stars..its no Dark knight is it??

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    • Ray Peterson

      Feb 2nd 2009, 20:29

      Weirdly, for someone who thought the first Transformers was a big, shiny turd, Revenge of the Fallen was probably the best trailer there. Then again, the trailers for the original were pretty good too. And look how that turned out (at least for me). As for the others, Star Trek looks like it's trying too hard to be all-out action, GI Joe is screaming 'two stars' and Fast and Furious looks utterly, utterly pointless. Like the look of Up though.

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