See Batman die

Could DC event influence Chris Nolan?

DC Comics has killed Batman. To find out how, head for the gallery to your right.

The comic-book, penned by Arkham Asylum's Grant Morrison (a key influence on The Dark Knight) shows Batman being shot and apparently killed by... well, read the pages to find out the identity of the killer. But suffice to say, it's bonkers.

Could this momentous moment in comics influence the third Batman flick?

Dark vision

It'd certainly fit in with the dark vision of Christopher Nolan's previous Batmans - and it'd be a good way for Nolan to not have to deal with the inevitable pressure to sign on for a fourth one.

Click the gallery to your right, then tell us what you think below.


    • TheTingler

      Dec 1st 2008, 16:47

      Not. A. Chance. Both in the chances of Batman Begins 3 ending like that, or in the idea that these pics show Bruce Wayne dying. A pathetic explosion? No body? Please.

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    • deadpool193

      Dec 2nd 2008, 9:32

      Rule #1 in comics: No death. Rule #2 in comics: A body...still no death! Come on...DC has one interesting character. There's more chance of Joe Pasquale making it in prison than them killing Batman.

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