See James Cameron's Battle Angel concept art

Mark Goerner's artwork online

Five pieces of concept art from James Cameron's Avatar follow-up Battle Angel have gone online and they're pretty impressive, as you can see by going into our gallery on the right.

We particularly like the Reef City image - complete with weird floating skyscrapers - but a couple of the shots do remind us of *gulp* Speed Racer. But we're sure we're still suffering from post-traumatic stress from seeing that one at the cinema.

Manga Adaptation

Cameron's 3D Manga adaptation has been talked about for longer than Avatar but these concept shots are the closest we've come to seeing it come to life. Still, that's more than we can say for Avatar. How we'd love to come across concept shots for that one.

[Source: MarketSaw]


    • ashley.russell

      Oct 23rd 2008, 21:02

      They look really good but the bedroom scene reminds me of *double gulp* The Phantom Menace

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    • ashley.russell

      Oct 23rd 2008, 21:03

      or maybe that was Episode 2 I'm thinking of...

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    • FightingFailure

      Jul 1st 2009, 22:59

      These are NOT from the battle angel movie! If the author of this article had actually bothered to read the source article where he got this information from, he would have read the little sentence in the first paragraph, explaining that these pictures are UNRELATED to the Battle Angel movie and are just some of this artists previous works. check it out-

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