See Jessica Alba in Machete

A first look at her in Robert Rodriguez' latest...

The first image of Jessica Alba playing Sartana in Robert Rodriguez' Machete has arrived on the web.

The lads over at Coming Soon tracked down the image at the American Film Market and snapped a pic.

Rodriguez has just shot the film, adapted from his spoof trailer in Grindhouse that sees Danny Trejo as a renegade former Mexican Federale on the run after he's double-crossed and framed by a crooked politician.

Alba's character is an ICE (Immigrations and Customs Enforcement, in case you wondered) who has made it her mission to track him down.

She looks the part, though we can't help thinking that this early teaser poster just seems like a lazy retread of the Sin City style. Still - you can't deny it doesn't grab your attention…

[Source: Coming Soon]

Do you like the image? Looking forward to the movie? Speak!


    • Ali1748

      Nov 5th 2009, 19:47

      Jessica Alba with clothes on I'll pass.

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    • joker16

      Nov 6th 2009, 20:12

      What is Rodriguez's doing to his career? I mean he has definitely made some s**t but really?

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