See some ace new Kick-Ass pics

Nic Cage and co in comic-based madness

Some new pics have been flung online from Matthew Vaughn’s adaptation of the comic Kick-Ass.

Hitflix has the images, which you can scope out in our gallery to the right.

Taken from Wanted scribe Mark Millar ‘s nutso story (with art by John Romita, Jr) Kick-Ass follows wannabe superhero Dave Lizewski (Aaron Johnson), whose dreams of becoming a superhero don’t exactly go… shall we say… smoothly.

Near death

His first time out in costume, he’s beaten half to death and hit by a car. But the job picks up and soon he’s hanging out with the likes of Hit-Girl (Chloe Moretz) and her father/handler Big Daddy (Nic Cage).

The book is controversial but also kind of amazing and looking at all the images released to date, we’re convinced Vaughn’s got a handle on it.

In case you need a little proof, just compare this cover of the book to the first image in our gallery… Sheer perfection.

Sadly, Kick-Ass doesn’t have a release date yet – something which needs to be remedied, sharpish. We need to see this thing!

[Pics source: Hitflix]


    • AYBGerrardo

      Jan 14th 2009, 12:53

      Kick-a*s's scuba-suit/costume looks almost identical, which is cool, but Nic Cage looks far too weedy to be Big Daddy. The comic book store photo is my favourite though. The geek on the right is the excellent Clark Duke (aka Michael Cera's real-life best friend) and look closely and you'll spot in the background issues of Kick-a*s and Wanted by the same author.

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