See the first image from The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn

It's all a bit cryptic

Twihards rejoice! The very first image from the upcoming Breaking Dawn has been released.

And it's not all that exciting. Well maybe it is if you've read the books. The image shows a hand on a bed clutching some feathers, and it's lit with a the glow of a romantic honeymoon location.

The guys at Collider have used their detective skills to ascertain that this is taken from a scene (minor spoilers follow) in which Bella (Kristen Stewart) and Edward (Robert Pattinson) spend their honeymoon on Isle Esma.

No doubt frightfully exciting for fans of the book, this image will mean absolutely zip to non-fans.

Quite what feathers are doing in the bed are, frankly anyone's guess. Is there some kind of unholy vampire ritual that sees a chicken brought into the marital bed?

Bill Condon, the director behind Gods and Monsters, Kinsey and Dreamgirls, is calling the shots on the Breaking Dawn two-parter.

Fans will probably have to wait a little longer for more detailed production photos, as the film is not scheduled for release until 18 November 2011, making this the biggest between-film hiatus of the saga.

Source: Collider

Does this image mean anything to you? Has it thoroughly disturbed any non-fans out there? Tell us below!


    • bowyer17

      Nov 27th 2010, 13:08

      ashamed to know this but the feathers are from when he bites the pillow to stop from biting her. not much of a substitute but...

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    • cbraun4u

      Nov 27th 2010, 13:35

      The feathers are because Edward would bite the down pillows and comforter during orgasm.

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    • SuzyQ

      Nov 27th 2010, 18:56

      yeah if you've read the book, which i dare say most fans have, its not that much of a mystery.

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    • Hadouken76

      Nov 27th 2010, 22:03

      Im not a fan of Twilight or Harry Potter, but there does seem to be a fad for seperating the end book into 2 parts. They didn't do this with Return of the King (although will do with The Hobbit)..and the next 2 Avatar sequels will be filmed back to back...its nothing new (BTTF did it brilliantly) but is this necessary or cynical? Rant over.

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