See the first image of Karl Urban as Judge Dredd

He is the law!

The first image of Karl Urban in his full Judge Dredd outfit has hit the web.

We weren't expecting to get a glimpse this early (the shot actually comes from a rehearsal session), but the producers are no doubt keen to eradicate memories of the naff Sylvester Stallone vehicle.

The image was posted on Twitter by comic artist Jock, and picked up by Collider.

It has to be said that Urban certainly looks the part. He's got the jawline for the iconic helmet, and he knows how to point a gun menacingly. We also like the 'armoured leather jacket' look he's sporting.

The script has been written by 28 Days Later scribe Alex Garland, and the movie's being directed by Pete Travis (Vantage Point). Juno's Olivia Thirlby will be appearing alongside Urban in the gritty comic adaptation.

Selling itself as a much more faithful version of the source material, Judge Dredd is currently shooting in Johannesburg, in 3D.

Source: Collider

Like what you're seeing? Will Urban be the definitive screen Dredd? Have your say now.


    • endaoconnor

      Nov 20th 2010, 17:04

      Helmet looks a little too big on him.

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    • johnneyred

      Nov 20th 2010, 19:46

      He needs a bum chin transplant from the New You Face Parlour!. Saw this yesterday btw, do keep up!

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    • johnneyred

      Nov 20th 2010, 19:48

      BTW, The film is just called "Dredd", unless they've backtracked on that.

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    • Mattsimus

      Nov 20th 2010, 22:33

      Dredd? What the teenage years? he looks a tad stupid! and it dosnt matter if its the first test / early / draft shots of him, its not a good look for the bad boy!!! the first dredd was a bit naff, but watchable n atleast stallone filled the boots! this dude cant even fill the helmet, better stick to movies like, star trek, supremacy and rings!!!! Oh btw ANOTHER f*****g REMAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • Jeffbiscuits

      Nov 21st 2010, 23:17

      Can't wait. This is the iconic character of my childhood. Started reading 2000ad when I was six or seven and still reading it nearly a quarter of a century later. And this film apparently is aiming to capture the spirit of the comic and Urban is perfect for the role.

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      Nov 24th 2010, 18:46

      The helmet could do with being a bit smaller but other than that looking good, more practical and looks like it will function as a real uniform while keeping trade mark Judge features, im sure its not the final version anyway, but at least it is way less camp then the Sly Stallone version, which is really Judge Dredd for kids ;) Also i don't think the size and build of the actor should matter, it needs to be more about his attitude and how cold a human being he is that will make him a hard as nails character, thats what the comics are about. Think we are passed the age of film making where action films require big b*****ds to jump around the screen delivering crappy dialogue, Batman aint big and look at what damage he does. So, as long as Urban pulls this off then the film should work and deliver a cool, dark, adult mature action flick which will be a nice break from all the dumbed down super hero kiddy c**p we get smothered with these days. Bring on DREDD!

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