See the Iron Man 2 Comic-Con footage!

No piracy required...

If you're jealous of those who watched the Iron Man 2 footage at Comic-Con this year, help is at hand... through the magic of sweding.

You know we love the low-fi, no-budget technique of re-enacting favourite movies, and we know you love it too, if the entries in our competitions are anything to go buy.

So let's all applaud the lads from ScreenCrave, who, with zero cash, less sleep and in almost no time at all, took it upon themselves to recreate moments from the footage that Favs and co brought to San Diego.

Kudos, people - take a gander below...


    • fuzzcaminski

      Jul 28th 2009, 12:51

      That's so funny, i think i understand what's going on, but it does raise some questions. Is the guy listing the weapons meant to be Justin Hammer and is he selling them to Rhodes, or is the black man playing someone else?

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