See the new Kick-Ass Poster

"I can't fly. But I can kick your ass..."

The brand new Kick-Ass poster is available below for your gawking pleasure.

It's been quite a week for Matthew Vaughn's film, which won plenty of praise for the first, fun trailer and now has a fresh image, courtesy of MySpace, to go along with it.

Unlike the character pages that showcased all the characters, this is a spotlight on Kick-Ass himself, Dave Lizewski (Aaron Johnson), looking particularly rough after a night battling crime.

It's in perfect keeping with the ballsy, funny tone of the movie and just makes us want to see it more.

Now, if only some smart British distributor would pick the damn thing up for release. Come on, people - you know you want to!


Like the new poster? Ready to demand the film gets released over here? Tell us!



    • yosarian25

      Nov 13th 2009, 2:29

      After the trailer and now this it seems that they're doing everything right. Having said that I did not read the comic, but this is the number one film I am looking forward to in the forseeable future.

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    • yosarian25

      Nov 13th 2009, 2:30

      I am actually startled by how good it is. Are you startled. I'm startled. Sharon are you startled.

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