See the Terminator Salvation Paris premiere live!

Not so live now, but watch the show from last night.

The Paris premiere of Terminator Salvation took place last night and we've got an exclusive video straight from the red carpet.

Rick Edwards of T4 fame was presenting and asking the cast and crew questions sent by Total Film twitter followers.

(If you are having trouble with the feed, please put the following URL into your media player -


    • Scifigeek1202

      May 28th 2009, 17:38

      That's really cool of you total film, showing the premire of The Terminator Salvation from the red carpet in Paris.

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    • johnathonwaples

      May 28th 2009, 18:28

      Terminator Salvation? More like Terminator Tribute Band?! Austrian Death Machine! I really hope Bale or someone on the movie has at least heard of this song! Its genius

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    • chrishadfield84

      May 29th 2009, 19:34

      This should have been in the U.K

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    • lynniebear

      May 29th 2009, 22:52

      Rick Edwards said my name on the red carpet. Famous at last lol. Yay! (Lynn, Glasgow)

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