Seth MacFarlane says there’s ‘no way’ he’ll host Oscars again

Responds to the question on Twitter

Seth MacFarlane’s gig presenting the 2013 Oscars was met with a mixture of guffaws and groans.

But regardless of what side of the fence you fell on, it appears you won’t see him presenting the Academy Awards ever again.

Responding to a fan’s question on Twitter, asking, “Would you host the Oscars again if asked?”, MacFarlane wrote, “No way. Lotta fun to have done it, though.”


His hosting stint drew a mixed response, with some complaints accusing him of sexism, while others claimed he wasn’t controversial enough.

From the sounds of it, it was the workload, rather than the reaction, that put him off.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly ahead of the event, MacFarlane said, "It's the time commitment, I just don't think I could do it again. It will have been almost six months that I'm working on this. And I'm still going to get savaged in the press."

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Would you have liked to see MacFarlane host the Oscars again? Or was once enough? Tell us below…


    • moviemind91

      Feb 26th 2013, 18:41

      Such a shame as I personally thought he did very well

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    • sunjo

      Feb 26th 2013, 22:23

      Well?? He was awesome compared to past hosts!! It was classy, funny and laid back which made watching the Oscars this year so much fun. Of course there's a lot of time and effort that goes into it and I understand if he doesn't want to do it again but then they need to get someone equally easy going and funny to host - someone who dares to poke the bear !!

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    • Ali1748

      Feb 27th 2013, 20:11

      I also thought Seth did a great job, it was the first Oscars in years that I enjoyed watching. I wonder if Tina and Amy will get the gig next, they did a great job with The Golden Globes.

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