Seth Rogen and Barbra Streisand: comedy duo?

He’s developing a road trip pic for her…

Clearly aiming to snatch the title of Busiest Bloke In Hollywood, Seth Rogen is developing lots of projects these days – and one includes a juicy part for Barbra Streisand.

Yes, while she’s known for her comedy as well as her drama – see Meet The Fockers and other, better movies as evidence – the idea that she might team up with the Apatow veteran never occurred.

But now Drew McWeeny over at Hitfix talked to Rogen, and the actor/writer admitted that he’s holding onto an idea for a film that would see the pair on a road trip.

Very little is known about it, beyond that road trip idea and the working title: Mother’s Curse.

And don’t forget that Rogen is still busy working on The Green Hornet (which just switched release dates across the pond with Adam Sandler’s Grown Ups), so none of his still-in-development movies are likely to go ahead anytime soon…

[Source: Hitfix]

What do you think the plot will be? Get your ideas in now and then launch a lawsuit when/if the movie arrives…

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