Sex And The City sequel is a go

Don’t look shocked…

With a staggering sense of inevitability, it looks like the girls of New York will be back for more shopping, sipping and, er, sexing as the Sex And The City sequel has its main cast in place.

By that, we of course mean stars Sarah Jessica Parker, Lim Cattrall, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis, who make up the central foursome, have all signed deals, paving the way for the movie itself to get going.

True, there’s no start date set for the film – and it doesn’t even have a script yet – but with the cast and writer/director Michael Patrick King all signed on, very little short of a super volcano will keep New Line from trying to cash in again.

The company is hoping that the film can hit the fast track this year for a summer 2010 release slot.

Here’s the big question – is a frothy, money-splashing comedy really what people want to see in the midst of an economic crapstorm? Or will it serve as the perfect escape from reality?

Only time will tell, but New Line will be hoping it makes even more money this time around – those costume budgets don’t come cheap, you know.

[Source: Variety]

Sex And The City’s getting a second shot at the screen, but which of your favourite TV shows do you want to see in the cinema? Are there any left to be made?


    • badhorse

      Feb 6th 2009, 14:24

      I want a Buffy movie, an Angel movie, another Serenity movie, an Arrested Development movie, a Pushing Daisies movie, a Wonderfalls movie, a The 4400 movie, a Veronica Mars movie and thats about it, i think.

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    • Flaygor

      Feb 7th 2009, 18:07

      Good grief, I can't think of anything much worse that having to watch these four c**k obsessed old scrags in another pointless waste of 120 mins.

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