Shane Black directing Cold Warrior

He’s working on a spy thriller

In a surprising move, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang writer/director Shane Black isn’t writing his next helming job – he’ll work from someone else’s script for spy thriller Cold Warrior.

Chuck Mondry is the scribe behind the film, which will find a spy from the Cold War era dragging himself out of retirement to help a younger agent battle a new domestic terrorism threat. His skills are needed because the strings of the new plot are being pulled by Russia, reports Variety. Universal is plunking down the cash for the film.

It’s a return to thriller fare for Black, who made his name writing the likes of Lethal Weapon and The Last Boy Scout, but a distinct change of pace from the part noir/part comedy stylings of Kiss Kiss.

Nice to see he’s stretching himself – though based on how good his first stab at directing was, we want to see more double duty jobs from Black.

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