Shane Black writing a Doc Savage film

Adapting pulp character for Star Trek's producers

Shane Black is the latest writer signed on to adapt the pulp magazine hero Doc Savage.

Talking to Ain't It Cool News, Black revealed that he's preparing to write the script for Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman, who will produce the film.

And he also mentioned that "can't be separated from the 30s", so any worries about updates to the character can be surprised - at least for now.

Created by publisher Henry W Ralston in 1933, Doc Savage was an all-round hero - surgeon, scientist, adventurer and researcher whose father had him trained to near-superhuman ability.

Savage has hit the movies before - George Pal produced Doc Savage: The Man Of Bronze in 1975 and Arnold Schwarzenegger was attached to the role in the late 1990s, before he became the Governator.

More recently, Sam Raimi had been mulling bringing the character back in a movie that would have featured fellow '30s characters The Avenger and The Shadow in one film.

But now, with power producers Kurtzman and Orci shepherding the thing, something might come of it. And if it has Shane Black's script? All the better…

[Source: AICN]

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