Shyamalan talks The Last Airbender

Expect Buddhist/Matrix mashup...


M. Night Shyamalan has revealed the inspiration for his forthcoming film, The Last Airbender; his daughter.

In a recent interview, The Sixth Sense director explained;

"She made us watch as a family and all four of us were hooked and I was like, this would make a killer movie."

"My wife who really has been kind of in neutral about my career was insane about it. Insane about it: 'You have to do it. This is it. This is the one.’”

True to the TV series, Shyamalan has promised a Buddhist inspired action fest, comparable to the Wachowski brothers Matrix;

“Aang himself needs to find balance to be the Avatar and to master each of these elements, through the three seasons to get to peace.”

“In the first Matrix, you realize that what you’re seeing is all false, which is really ancient ideas. Basic old, old religion."

"This has that as well. It’s going to be something."

Everyone it seems is holding their breath, waiting for what will hopefully be a belting film and as far removed from 2008's The Happening as humanly possible.

Mind bending or spoon bending, what do you reckon?

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    • magnusbarfod

      Feb 3rd 2010, 13:54

      It's certainly a relief to hear that his latest effort is inspired by his kids. I mean, Lady In The Water worked out fine, and that started as bedtime story he made up for his kids... Yeah. This is going to be great!

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    • ChrisWootton

      Feb 3rd 2010, 16:55

      I'm not surprised his wife has kept quiet.. most of films are s**t

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    • DanielMcA

      Feb 3rd 2010, 20:46

      I was holding my breath for a while - but then I got light-headed and had to stop.

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