Sigourney Weaver casts doubt on Ghostbusters 3

“If we have to let this one go, that’s fine”

In August Dan Aykroyd predicted that Ghostbusters 3 would be going into production in 2012 (joy!) but it seems actress Sigourney Weaver doesn't share his optimism (pain!) and has cast doubt on the whole project.
“I have yet to read the script,” the actress who played Dana Barrett in the first two Ghostbusters films told Coming Soon. 
“I’ve had a couple of calls and I know they’re rewriting. All I said was that I hope my son Oscar has grown up to be a Ghostbuster and Ivan Reitman said yes. Beyond that I have no idea. I hope it comes together, but we already did two wonderful films and if we have to let this one go, that’s fine.”
Weaver also confirmed she’ll return in the Avatar sequels, even if that surprises those who saw the first film. 
“Don’t worry, I will be back. Jim [Cameron] says no one ever dies in science fiction. He’s told me the stories for the next two movies and I have to say that they’re absolutely wonderful and there’s a real treat in store. Now we just have to make them,” she added.

Do you experience feelings of dread about whether this film will get made? Have you or any of your family ever seen the script to Ghostbusters 3? If the answer is yes then don't wait another minute, comment below!


    • badger86

      Sep 18th 2011, 23:28

      Just let it die.

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    • ChrisWootton

      Sep 19th 2011, 11:33

      Yeah, it's truly over. Sounds as though it's just Dan Ackroyd who wants to make this.. I really hated Ghostbusters 2 but the first one is still a fantastic film.

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    • Punchbowl

      Sep 19th 2011, 15:55

      Ghostbusters 2 was utter s**t. Utter, utter s**t, does one decent film really warrant all this hype and hope after a sequel that was so p**s poor?

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