Silent Hill: Revelation 3D to be “More frightening” than original

Silent Hill 2 aims for higher scare factor

If Silent Hill scared you silly, we have some bad news. Director Michael J.Bassett says he wants to make Silent Hill: Revelation 3Deven more terrifying.
"I want this to be much more frightening than the first movie as well, because I think that is true to what Silent Hill is," said Bassett.
"They are the most frightening computer games ever made..."
Regardless of the first film being met with some critical negativity - Total Film included - producer Don Carmody assures us that the sequel is going to stay true to the beloved game, whilst also appealing to movie-goers en mass.
"Silent Hill is not a blockbuster game like Resident Evil or the other games out there. It's a connoisseurs' game. It has its own, rabid fan base. They're not cheap, these things. You have to appeal not only to the gamers, you have to appeal to a wider audience."
Despite the negative reaction to the first movie, it does have a handful of loyal fans.
The Silent Hill games manage to tap into an atmospheric terror which leaves you genuinely scared, if the sequel can get half of that fear across, Bassett will be on to a winner. 
Production is underway for Silent Hill: Revelation 3D and we can expect a theatrical release in 2012. 

 Are you excited about Silent Hill: Revelations 3D?  Leave your comments below! 


    • Jeffbiscuits

      Nov 10th 2011, 17:31

      The first is a decent horror film. Really atmospheric and true to the nature of the games.

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    • marc96

      Nov 10th 2011, 18:20

      i enjoyed the first movie, granted there are a lot of movies based on games that are terrible but overall these type of movies have a bad rep and critics love to hate them. No one expects them to win oscars but if they can be silly enjoyable dumb fun (as i thought resident evil & tomb raider were) or slow and tense like the first silent hill then i dont see the problem

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    • FBALee

      Nov 12th 2011, 15:12

      I'm not a gamer, but I used to watch my best friend play the Silent Hill games because they are so gripping and intense. I enjoyed the movie, and I flinched and shuddered my way through it. I'm a wuss and never watch scary movies willingly, but I'll definitely see the sequel. So I am neither a gamer OR a horror fan, and I'm planning on buying a ticket.

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