Simon Beaufoy writing Truckers

Adapted from Terry Pratchett’s book?

Forget all those Wolverine sequel rumours – at least for now – Slumdog scribe Simon Beaufoy has scored his next writing assignment: adapting Terry Pratchett’s Truckers for DreamWorks.

Yes, while he might have had chats about the Wolverine gig, he’s officially signed on to write the script for the animation department’s adaptation of Terry Pratchett’s kid novel.

At least, we think so… Variety doesn’t have any word on the storyline, so this could be some completely unrelated project.

But given that last September Danny Boyle sparked rumours that he might want to direct the story, and that DreamWorks would bankroll it, this certainly sounds lime the same story.

Truckers is the first in Sir Terry’s Bromeliad trilogy, featuring tiny aliens called “nomes” that live beneath a department store.

When their cosy home is threatened with demolition, they decide to get out – even though many of them don’t believe in the “outside”…

We’re hoping this might be Truckers’ chance at the big screen – and DreamWorks has at least picked a solid writer to contribute.

[Source: THR]

Does it sound Trucking good or Trucking awful? Tell us…


    • AYBGerrardo

      Mar 29th 2009, 3:13

      Mother Trucker! Perhaps if the film is a success they'd be tempted to start on the Discworld series...

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