Sin City 2 adds Jaime King and Jamie Chung

Major casting still to be revealed

Sin City: A Dame To Kill For has added another pair of actresses to its ever-swelling ensemble, with Jaime King and Jamie Chung the latest starlets to hop on board Robert Rodriguez’s comic-book sequel.

King played the prostitute Goldie in the first film; the source of Marv’s obsession, her death tips him over the brink. This time out, she’ll be playing Wendy, Goldie’s twin sister.

Chung has come on board primarily as a replacement for Devon Aoki, who will not be reprising her role as the katana-wielding assassin, Miho.

And if you’re scratching your head as to how certain characters (such as Mickey Rourke's Marv) will be returning after failing to survive the first film, remember this sequel is actually a prequel…

Meanwhile, there will yet be another piece of big-name casting, as another actor will be required for the part of Dwight. Not because Clive Owen has dropped out (he hasn’t), but because the plot will see Dwight undergo facial reconstructive surgery to disguise his identity. Intriguing, no?

Co-starring Mickey Rourke, Jessica Alba and Rosario Dawson, Sin City: A Dame To Kill For has finally begun shooting, and will open in the US on 4 October 2013, with a UK date to be confirmed.

Who would you like to see cast as Dwight? Tell us, below!


    • garethherridge

      Oct 30th 2012, 11:46

      I'm pretty sure Miho DID make it through the original, who've you got doing your research?!

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    • MattMaytum

      Oct 30th 2012, 14:28

      @garethherridge The story's been amended to reflect that.

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    • LuminaraUnduli

      May 26th 2014, 15:43

      it'll be interesting to see whether or not Jamie Chung can be a good Miho because Devon Aoki was one hell of a Badass as Miho

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    • LuminaraUnduli

      May 26th 2014, 15:46

      also I wonder how they are going to pay tribute to Brittany Murphy's Character Shellie

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