Sin City TV

Get ready for the small screen crime wave

Hot on the heels of news that Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller will hand us the keys to Sin City for a second time next year comes word that the Basin City residents will also be breaking into TV. Walrus-sized producer Harvey Weinstein is looking to set up a TV branch of his new Weinstein Company, with Sin City earmarked as a prime first project. The dynamic directing duo are keeping details close to their chests, so there’s no word yet on whether Mickey Rourke’s Marv or any of the other big-screen Sinners will show up. Let’s just hope the content doesn’t get diluted by skittish American networks.
Still, it’s exciting stuff, as is a talent-heavy development of respected quirk-fest novel The No.1 Ladies’ Detective Agency, based on the novels of Alexander McCall Smith. The story of an African female gumshoe, the show’s pilot will be written by Richard Curtis and directed by Anthony Minghella. Makes you wonder if there’ll be anyone left to make films.

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